I'm Jailbroken, What Next?

A Jailbroken iPhone with a custom theme installed

I remember when I first jailbroke my phone I was kinda lost and didn’t know the “ins and outs” of the scene. In this article I look to explain some of the fundamentals of jailbreaking that beginners can look at and feel comfortable with their iDevice.

When we talk about Jailbreaking in General the one word that soars across the scene is “Cydia”.
What Is Cydia?
Cydia is the central hub for everything jailbreak. What this means is this one application that is installed after you jailbreak your device holds all the tweaks, themes, and additives to your iDevice. This is where you will go to add sources, add/remove packages you installed, and download your packages.
An inside tip… If you click on the Featured tab on the left it will bring up a page where it explains the best packages that do the things under the category tab.
Before I get into talking about every package you can possible download (this will take a long time :P) Lets break down the types of packages in subjects so that we can get a better understanding of what you are downloading.
Lets talk about the basics of how to add a source and download a package.

To do this lets open up Cydia 

Next Click on the Manage Tab
Here we can either go into our Packages that we downloaded and remove them or we can click on the Sources tab to add/remove a source.
Lets go into Sources
Here we can add/remove sources
Click Edit at the top right
If we click Add at the top left you can add a source. If you click the red circle next to the source we can remove it if we want.
Now that we know how to add a source lets go back to manage and learn how to remove a package.
When you are on the manage tab click Packages

Here we can find a package we downloaded and click on it.
You will then get two options to reinstall or remove.
When you hit remove you will have to confirm at the top left.

Lets Talk about Tweaks

What are Tweaks?

Tweaks are interface changing packages. When you download a tweak you will change the UI of your device depending on the tweak you downloaded 
In the photo below you can see instead of my slide to unlock I have a Jellybean look unlock. This is a tweak called JellyLock Beta that I installed and it changed my slide function. If you also notice I don’t have a clock at the top. This is due to the settings in a tweak called Springtomized 2.
Lets Download A Tweak

Open Cydia and you can go into sections and scroll down till you see tweaks tab

When you find a tweak you want to download click on it 
Then Click Install in the top right and Confirm

 It will download and then ask you to respiring

The settings to certain tweaks can download an app icon to your springboard(Homescreen) or it will add a tab in your settings for example here is the tab for the tweak I downloaded
That is how you download a package and an insight on tweaks. Like I said earlier the featured tab has a lot of great tweaks for certain objectives located in it.
Lets talk about modes
These Modes include regular, safe mode, respring.
If you were wondering what respring does; it refreshes your device and will add any new programs you installed or will reset the settings if you changed a theme or setting in your device.
If you get a message like this with your theme changed don’t worry your device is in safe mode

Safe mode protects your phone from complete failure. If you have to many mobile substrates downloaded that will conflict on one another this problem could happen. I wouldn’t worry about it if you manage the things you download and don’t stock up on tweaks that you don’t use and just forget about.
Regular mode is just running your device.
Lets talk about the store

A lot of tweaks and themes in cydia have to be purchased. Sure there are cracks to these programs but we don’t support that we want to benefit the developers who worked hard to make something unique.
If we go to the main cydia page we can sign in with an account that will be used to purchase stuff. I have a google account so I use that. 
When purchasing a product in the top right of the page instead of download there will be a blue button saying Purchase
You then will be asked to sign into your account wether it be a Google account or a Facebook account. I signed into my google account and your options to purchase are as followed.
You can pay with Amazon purchase or Paypal. After you do that and sign in there and accept the payment you will be reverted back to the package and continue to download as you would with a normal package.
Lets Talk about Themes
What are themes?
Themes are generally a new way to make your phone pop out above the rest. As you can see in the photo above my icons are completely redesigned from the square ones. This is due to a theme I Downloaded.
When you go into Cydia you can move to the Sections tab at the bottom left
Here we can scroll down alphabetically to the Themes tab. If you are looking to set themes to your whole device to make it look completely different you want to go to Themes (Complete). If you want to custom random parts of your phone such as battery go to the search tab and search for it.

When looking for a theme if you see one you are interested in you can click on the theme and scroll down the page and view the screenshots.
This helps when you want to preview before you buy.
If you don’t want to search through the many themes one by one you can always search on google for “top themes” many people do reviews on themes.
Another way to look for some easier you can go to the main cydia page and click on themes tab next to the featured
Yes you do see a price on these themes. There are themes that are free too so don’t worry if you don’t want to pay.
To Run these themes on your phone one application is needed (two if you wanted to do a different kind of theme but its not a basic. This one is called Dreamboard) the application we are talking about now is called Winterboard.
This is the application where your downloaded theme will show up and you can activate it in the program.
Here you can Activate and move around your themes. (Move around in the sense of you downloading a battery theme and the complete theme already uses a battery. You would move the battery theme above the complete theme so that your phone knows to use that) 

 This is the introduction to Jailbreaking your device for other articles such as my top tweaks check out the jailbreak section here on spicy.com.