Angry Birds Friends – Out Now

Now you can play Angry Birds with your friends on the social network from your mobile.
The Finnish game developer Rovio had announced earlier last month that they were planning to bring the Facebook Game to iOS and Android devices.
It has been launched on May 2nd as announced by Rovio.

Angry Birds Friends will let you invite friends to play, create bird avatars, gift power ups to friends and more. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the native mobile edition of Angry Birds Friends will require Facebook Connect.

So from now on you will need to have an internet connection and a Facebook account in order to play this game. 
The game is available for free on the App Store and is compatible on all devices.

This is the launch video:
It gives a free tutorial for beginners and there are weekly tournaments that gives different challenges and stuff. Now you can play with your friends, compare score and also flood their News Feed with your victory. 

“And when it’s game time, play for that gold crown and then brag to your friends about your glorious victories. Plus you can celebrate your wins on Facebook and even share fun gifts.”  As announced by Rovio.

Already the Angry Birds have seen around two billion downloads all over the world. This one is going to be no different from the other titles. In fact this one might be even better considering that Facebook games have been addicting!

Source: idownloadblog


Cut the Rope: Time Travel – Coming Soon

I am sure all of you have seen and fed the adorable little monster omnom! There has been a third addition to the Cut the Rope series.
Zepto Lab today previewed a short teaser trailer for the third of the series, Cut The Rope: Time Travel.
The short trailer focuses on the cutie monster that chases a candy and gets sucked into the time machine.

The video does not show any details about the nature of the game. But I am assuming that there is going to be various levels where omnom is going to chase the candy through different time zones.

Also there are a few pictures. The total catch of this game is that we get to feed not one but two little omnoms one from the present and one from that particular time zone. They got various zones like Caesar’s time, Egyptian time, Pirates’ time etc.

Following the success of Cut The Rope and Cut The Rope: Experiments, Omnom has gotten millions of fans around the world and the game has been downloaded a million times through various devices. This third one is going to be as much as successful as the previous ones and much more loved because we get different monsters!

The game is said to be  released later this year and will be available in both Android and iOS App stores.

Om nom nom nom!

Source: macrumors