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IPhone_4S_No_shadowYou might be familiar with hundreds of websites dealing with Apple News, iOS support and App Reviews. The funny thing is that, many of these websites have their roots in India, yet they are interested in satisfying an International fan base rather than our native users.
This sparked an idea!
We at Spicyi hope to provide a platform for Indian iOS users where they can share their expertise, ideas & problems and help each other out.
With daily News and Rumor reporting, you’ll never be aloof of the iWorld while the Tips & Top Apps lists help you to do more with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Contests and give-aways are designed to keep you entertained and you know what the forum is for.
So, if you have an iDevice in India, hit Like and Join
India’s Largest Online Community for iOS Users – Spicyi.com

Who are we?

Chief Editor
From the first iPod Touch he owned till the iPad Mini, Roshan has loved each those iDevices and has been interested in tweaking and getting most out of them. Apart from Spicyi, he is also an active contributor to many international websites and YouTube Channels.
When not on the web, you could find him glued to TV Shows, movies or the bed!

Contributing Editor
Thinker based in Canada. He plays with his iDevices all day long to share tips with people. Some of his favorite iOS and OSX apps are Tweetbot for Twitter and Garage Band.


Apps Reviewer
MBA, mother and homemaker, Pratiksha is finding her passion for writing, amongst her household work. Fascinated by the productivity of her iPad, she joins us to share articles on iOS apps. Thanks to the huge support by her husband, she is currently a regular writer on other websites, too.


Arshdeep Singh
Daily News Reporter
I am a Mechnical Engineering student, tech journalist, gadget lover, Blogger, YouTuber and Biker. I like to write about gadgets, review them, test them under extreme conditions. Also I love Motorcycles. Can’t imagine my life without these two things.


Previous Writers
Anu Vishwa
Branden Kaline

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