Dreamboard Review – theme your iPhone and iPad

Source: ModMyi.com
Rating: 2.5/3
Price: Free

Dreamboard is a popular theming platform that can portray the looks of Android, Windows etc on your iPhone and iPad. It lets you customize your spring board with more refinement. DreamBoard is now free on Cydia after selling for $2.99. It is a dynamic alternative to the popular theme manager, Winterboard.

Dreamboard allows for a simple, clean transition. It takes two seconds to have a theme applied.



Some of the features include:

Quick theme switching:

You can switch between your current theme and another theme within seconds. A simple swipe and tap does the job.​


No extra tweaks:

One of the biggest drawbacks with Winterboard themes is that they require other tweaks to work alongside them to give users what they want to see. This is terrifying for users because they may need to purchase other tweaks, waste valuable time setting them up, and spend even more time searching for the more obscure iOS edits.
Dreamboard requires no external addons so the user does not have to download, or buy, another tweak.​

Independent theme store:

Dreamstore allows you to purchase themes straight from your iPhone and iPad without going through all the hassle of SSH.​


The Graphical User Interface is simple to use. All you have to do is go into the Dreamboard app and then swipe to the theme you want and tap on it. Then, you tap apply, or edit if you want to rearrange the icons. And voila! There is no respring, or restarting required, the theme will apply itself.


Although there are some bugs, I believe that most of them should be fixed as the developer releases further updates.

Other draw backs include:

- It uses a lot of RAM (depends on the theme you choose, maybe up to 30MB, and for some 100MB)
- Sometimes crashes when switching between themes. This problem might be fixed with upcoming updates
- A little bit Slow.

With the new installation, a complimentary Endriod Sense theme is given to you to have an experience.

The latest version of DreamBoard also includes support for lockscreens customization.


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