Apps Turned Free – Sun, 1st Sep, 2013

Here are the great games and apps which have gone free, only for today!
Grab them while you still can.


Stickman Base Jumper
By Robert Szeleney
Pack your parachute and jump down the highest buildings in the world and experience the amazing feeling of Stickman Base Jumper! Estimate your run up and perfectly time your jump off to glide through the air, perform insane proximity flights, jump in darkest nights, defy heavy winds and make perfect landings when deploying your parachute. Immediately share your performed jumps or spectacular crashes and impress your friends with the integrated video replay and share feature.


Rune Gems – Deluxe
By StarSprite
Rune Gems is an excellent, and well-presented game. It is undoubtably one of the best puzzle game.  You have a tray that holds 7 tiles, any tile you tap goes into your tray, and all tile will be sorted by color and once you have exactly 3 matching tiles of one color, those 3 tiles disappear and you score some points.




A+ Children sing along songs- Full Nursery Rhyme music collection
By Angela Hayes
Kids Music Collection of all the old traditional Classics! Great for preschool, babies and children of all ages. Comes complete in alphabetical order of song choice. (Easy for kids to navigate) Plays audio and also displays the song lyrics in text. Learn the words to all the best kids songs in the world. Rhymes, riddles and more! Great to take on the move and song along to. Sang in clear English and lots of funny voice overs and expressions.TAP the screen when inside a song to leave the song and return back to the menu for easy control. Nothing is better than the childrens folk tales we all grew up with! Its a part of history.


Sticks HD
By Henrique Guttler Morbin
Sticks HD, it is an easy, classic, and addicting game, which you will love to play for many hours. It a real time killer! Pick the sticks placed in an overlapped way. The game has various colour pencils of different sizes.




Photo Collage Booth
By Appkruti Solutions LLP
Convert your photographs into beautiful collage.Share your creativity with others . Whether you want to arrange different pictures with unlimited selection of background colors or use beautiful background images to enhance your collage, its all possible through Photo Collage Booth. You can also write on collage using different fonts and colors. Even move, zoom, rotate, edit these labels. This is full of features which are there for you to explore and have tons of fun.


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