Top 10 Cydia apps for iOS 6+ – 2013

1. Activator:
Activator allows you to launch apps or utilities on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with a quick swipe, tap, or button press. It is the backbone of many Cydia tweaks. Swipe left on the status bar to respring, two-finger pinch on the screen to quick compose an email, or shake your device to taker a screenshot.
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2. Applocker:
Applocker is an app which disallows access to specific applications of your choice, which contains data that you want to hide from others. This app will refuse access to any application on your phone. When the app is open, a pop-up will appear asking for password. Entering the correct password allows access to the application, wrong password disallows access.
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3. Display Recorder:
Display Recorder allows you to capture high quality videos of your iPhone or iPad’s screen. It is the best known app to do what it does. you can publish recorded videos directly to Youtube within the app or browse recorded videos from your PC browser using the built-in web server.
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4. MxTube:
MxTube is iPhone’s first YouTube video downloader. It let’s you download High Definition YouTube videos and allows you to play them in offline mode. No need to install an external video player to play flv or mp4 format. 
The best thing about this app is that it also allows streaming and downloading of the ‘VEVO’ music videos.
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5. Adblocker:
AdBlocker is a small, easy-to-use and a powerful tool. It reduces data storage and speeds-up connection by blocking ads in your browser and other applications also.
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6. Auxo:
Auxo brings exciting new multitasking enhancements and gestures right in the usual and tedious iOS app switcher. Watch the current state of opened apps in the task switcher bar and exit any or several at a time by just swiping down the icons. From Auxo you get to toggle Wi-fi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS and several other functions right from the iOS multitasking bar.
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7. Bridge:
With Bridge, you can upload one or several files at one time directly to the iPhone media libraries. You don’t even need a PC or iTunes! Any photo, video or song located on your device storage can be directly imported to the media libraries.
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8. iTransmission:
With iTransmission you can download torrents directly into your iDevice.
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9. iBlacklist:
iBlacklist is a great security system consisting of a software that limits the exposure of your iDevice to communicate with frauds or someone you just want to ignore.
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10. Live Wallpaepr:
LiveWallpaper offers live wallpaper displays in the background.
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From the first iPod Touch till the new iPad Mini, Roshan has loved each of his iDevices and has been busy tweaking and getting the most out of them. As a Med student from India, he splits his time between studying corpse and writing about his iOS passion. When not on the web, you could find him glued to TV Shows, movies or the bed! Recently, he has taken upon the role of an appreneur and is currently working on a revolutionary new app, Cyan for Facebook.

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