Apps Turned Free- Mon, 26th Aug 2013

Here are the great games and apps which have gone free, only for today!
Grab them while you still can.


Pinball HD
By OOO Gameprom
Pinball HD has new approach to all pinball games. Each table for pinball is created in a unique way like, Wild West, The Deep, and Jungle style, which all are realistic. All three pinball tables are equipped with unique graphics, instructions, missions system, locations and characters. The game has a wonderful 3D engine that does true justice to the graphic capabilities of the iPad.



Retromatic HD 2.0
By Peta Vision
Retromatic offers 18 original retro-style filters with 17 background images and over 70 authentic retro-style ornaments. Aim to reflect a social atmosphere of early 20th century, any user can generate their own retro look picture by applying graphic themes, ornaments, special vintage effect, and supports high-resolution image (1600×1600).¬†Share your uniquely created photographs through Instagrams, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr.



Photti -Manage automatically your photos by timeline-
By Keisuke Karijuku
Now no more problems with the photo management. Get help from “Photti” which automatically oraganizes photos by the date. New photos will ¬†automatically be classified immediately as the album of the day. The album can be easily generated automatically, can be combine with other albums. Moreover, the album can also be divided. You do not need to add your own one by one photo. With this app, organizing photos through this app is quick and hassle free.


Wonderland Carnage
By Thanh-My DUONG
This game is not about Alice and wonderland. Go hunting sweet princess and incredibly cute bunnies. Hit them and kill them. This is the purpose of the game. All these creatures will show their extreme love and sympathy to you, but try to attain your objectives as fast as possible. The game takes place in 2 magical kingdoms. You have a choice of ten types of unique weapons. The game has high quality graphics with full retina support.



Ninja Striker! – Stylish Ninja Action!
By Rogue Ninja
Ninja Striker! Is a difficult yet interactive and fantastic game. The game has an exclusive interactive and intelligent game play. So enjoy extraordinary and exciting ninja actions. There are 10 more items to enjoy continuously and fight against 20 or more enemies. Great game with great graphics.


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