iTransmission 3 Review – a BitTorrent Client for your iPhone and iPad


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How to download torrents to your iPhone and iPad


I have heard some people say that jailbreaking your iDevice is no use because there’s not much difference. Well, I say, that the biggest ‘YES!’ – one of the biggest difference of jailbreaking your iDevice is that you can download torrents directly into your iDevice, using iTransmission.

iTransmission is a native BitTorrent client for iPhone.It uses libtransmission as its back end.

iTransmission allows you to add a task from the Web, torrent URL, magnet, and other source, automatic port mapping (UPnP) for users behind routers, control which network interface (Cellular network or WiFi) to use and alter the maximum connection and connection per torrent. It also lets you enable or disable upload or download limits for your torrents.

Once a torrent file is added, iTransmission will search for its metadata and then it will start downloading.

The taskbar shows the total downloading and uploading speed consumed by all the torrents. You can pause or resume any download. The task bar for each torrent shows you the remaining time for the download to complete, total size, downloaded file size and downloading and uploading speed.

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Downloaded files are stored at /var/mobile/Documents/Downloads.

You can the install .ipa application files via an external app ‘IPAInstaller’.
Moreover, you can also import the downloaded music or videos from torrents into your iPhone’s native media libraries using an external application ‘Bridge’. Here is a link on how to do that.

Let us know in the comment section below how it turns out for you.


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