iOS 7 – What are the new features?

Like we all knew, its here! World’s most advanced mobile operating system just got better with the latest iOS 7 update. Please note that, it is now available only to the developers as a beta and you will be able to update it only after the public release. iOS 7 has been completely redesigned and today, we’ll be dealing with an overview about the awesome features in it. We’ll be covering individual features of iOS 7 in more detail, in the coming days. So stay tuned!

To begin with, here is the Apple’s official promo video on iOS 7. I recommend that you guys see this, its awesome.

What are the new features in iOS 7?

1. LockScreen

iOS 7 LockScreen
  • New typography on the screen. Old bars & columns in between are removed
  • Slide-to-unlock changes its look but works the same way. Slide to right, anywhere on screen to dive in.
  • Pull up on side for camera remains same
  • Notification Center is now available from the LockScreen itself
  • Now a new pull up menu called Control Center has been introduced in iOS 7 (described below)
  • The passcode screen looks awesome with new round buttons
iOS 7 PassCode Lock

2. General Interface

Once unlocked, we see a plethora of changes in the UI; in fact you wouldn’t recognize iOS 7 with a screenshot.

  • All the icons have changed their looks. Their is no glassy or refractile effect in any icons. Instead iOS 7 brings a matte and crude color look to icons. To tell the truth, this one has alot of haters.
  • One of the most awesome features is the 3D effect. Yes, you heard it right. The wall paper changes its span as you tilt your device which gives you the perception of depth. This parallax will be familiar for jailbreakers who’ve used DeepEnd or you can see it in action in the above video.
  • All the bars including Status bar, Bottom Dock, Notification Center and the Control Center are now translucent. You can get the sense of what is beneath, even in your keyboard.
  • Folders are now better with the same translucent effect and yeah, multiple pages!
iOS 7 Homescreen
iOS 7 Folders
How iOS 7 Layering and 3D effect works


3. Multitasking

Another cool feature in iOS 7 is the brand new form of multitasking (finally!).
Now, you can double press the home button and it will bring up something like this.

Multitasking screen in iOS 7
  • You now have the icons at the bottom and a preview of it above them (jailbreakers, Auxo?)
  • Also, you can swipe up on any window to close them
  • Another cool thing is that, once you bring up the switcher, all the apps are automatically updated so that you will directly enter into a fresh view, rather than waiting for it to load all over again.

4. Siri

Siri has also been improved in iOS 7.

  • First, the interface has changed much. the background takes up the translucent effect while the bottom shows waves of your sound.
  • Siri’s sound has been greatly improved to a more realistic one from the previous robotic one.
  • Siri has learned new tricks on iOS 7 and she can now change system settings or find the movies around you (don’t know how much it is useful in India) with a command. Wikipedia is also now integrated to Siri.
Siri on iOS 7

5. AirDrop

This feature on iOS 7 removes one of the greatest drawbacks till now, the lack of sharing options. AirDrop brings WiFi direct like feature on iOS devices for super fast transfer of data. You can share photos, documents and pretty much anything with a share button on it.

But there is a major caveat though. It can only work with other supported iDevices and Macs. No, you can’t sent to your droid buddy. Also, sharing of songs most probably wont be present due to piracy issues, of course.

AirDrop interface on iOS 7

6. Control Center

One of the major additions in iOS 7 is Control Center bringing something which has always been demanded by users. It brings all the major system settings for quick access in a separate menu. Wherever you are, just pull up and you’ll have a set of toggles and sliders at your disposal.

  • Kind of like SBSetting for Jailbreakers, there are a set of toggles to bluetooth, airplane mode, Wifi and Dark mode
  • A slider for controlling the brightness
  • Media controls including the details, seek, volume, forward, back and pause.
  • Then we have the AirPlay and AirDrop options
  • Lastly, a flash toggle and shortcuts to frequent apps.
Control Center on iOS 7

7. Notification Center

Even the Notification Center hasn’t been spared in iOS 7.

  • The translucent background and availability on LockScreen has already been discussed. NC is now divided into three tabs.
  • TODAY gives you an overview of details on the day, including events, reminders, an overview on calender and a peek on tomorrow.
  • ALL shows both seen and missed notifications while the latter only is shown in the MISSED tab.
New iOS 7 Notification Center

8. Native Apps

All the native apps has been tweaked and customized to go with the new non-skeuomorphic iOS 7 interface. I was hoping to give an overview of each app in this post, but it would be too long. So I’m just bulleting some general points and few pics.

  • The weather app now shows awesome animations with bright sun, heavy rains, snow falls, lightnings and storms.
  • The Calendar app is completely redesigned with calendar on top and colorful event summary at the bottom.
  • Messages app is now blue and white on a clear background. Don’t forget the translucent keyboard.
  • The Game Center is also changed with white interface and better profiling.
  • Messages, Mail, Safari and the settings app now supports Swipe right to go back feature which looks awesome and is really useful, too.
  • Alot has changed in Safari on which we will be doing another article. But fullscreen browsing and spectacular tabbing deserve special mention.
  • AppStore now comes with better search and the Near Me feature
  • Camera app has major updates in iOS 7 like swipe gestures, real time filters and editing features.
  • Photos app has been hugely upgraded with smart sorting and better iCloud sharing
  • Clock app icon shows live time, upto the second.
Messages App
Camera App
Safari tabs

Don’t worry, we’ll do separate articles on each of these, soon.


As already mentioned, in the coming days, we will be covering all the major features of iOS 7 in much depth and detail. So stay tuned. In the mean time, if you guys want to see some of these features in action, please visit Apple’s official iOS Webpage.
Please do tell us what you think in the comments below and also hit like and share to keep us going.


From the first iPod Touch till the new iPad Mini, Roshan has loved each of his iDevices and has been busy tweaking and getting the most out of them. As a Med student from India, he splits his time between studying corpse and writing about his iOS passion. When not on the web, you could find him glued to TV Shows, movies or the bed! Recently, he has taken upon the role of an appreneur and is currently working on a revolutionary new app, Cyan for Facebook.

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