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Note: Tweaks require your iPhone or iPad to be Jailbroken. If you donot know what that is, please checkout our Basic Guide on Jailbreaking.

How to password lock your apps & Folders on iPhone & iPad

Applocker is one of the biggest reasons why many jailbreak their iOS devices. Personally, I have switched from android to iOS specifically for this Cydia application.
Everyone has some private stuff on their phone that they don’t intend to share with every other person they hand their mobile to. Well, here’s the best solution to this problem.
Applocker is an app which disallows access to specific applications of your choice, which contains data that you want to hide from others.
This app will refuse access to any application on your phone. Be it the system application like,,, etc. or be it the cydia application.

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When the app is touched to open, a pop-up will appear which asks for password. Entering the correct password allows access to the application, wrong password disallows access.
After installation of Applocker, a new panel appears in which allows you to control the working of it. Here you can set the password, select applications which needs to be locked, etc.

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Some of its best features include the ‘Session Locking’ which means that once you have unlocked something, everything else also gets unlocked and gets relocked only after the device gets locked.
Another one is the ‘Lock from Jiggle Mode’ which means that when you edit applications in jiggle mode, you can directly toggle applocker on applications. It is done by touching the little lock on bottom-left corner of the icon in jiggle mode.

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The latest update also allows locking of the entire folders as well. Which makes it more awesome because you can put all secret applications in one folder and directly lock it.


So that’s all about the Cydia tweak Applocker. If you have any doubts or issues, please do comment them below.